While most of the northern hemisphere is looking at several more weeks of winter, spring is on the way, and with it a chance to revisit and/or renew those writing goals for the year. Starting in April, we have a wide selection of new course offerings in creative writing, screenwriting, poetry, and editing/publishing. Check out the new classes open for registration now, and stay tuned for more info on some other exciting options for spring.

Creative Writing:

Inspired by Visual Art with Miguel Murphy
Art and writing have long influenced and inspired one another. This course brings new depth and explorations to one’s creativity by examining, writing about, and engaging with works of art in order to strengthen your writing.
Reg# 359789: Classroom

Storytelling for Live Audiences with Cole Kazdin
Writers are storytellers. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is vital for writers to be able to share stories publicly, in their own voice. Developing that voice takes time, practice, and learned skills, all of which can be found in this course.
Reg# 359852: Classroom


Adaptation for Screenwriters I with Warren Lewis
The first in a two-part series for writers looking to adapt a work for screen, keeping the integrity of the original work while making it work for the screen as well as including your unique voice.
Reg# 359847: Classroom

Fundamentals of Story with John Henry Davis
Storytelling isn’t just about words on a page. In order to build better, more compelling stories, you often have to look to other tools like improve acting, painting, music and more to fully realize the depth and potential of the stories you want to tell and this class will help you utilize these tools.
Reg# 359848: Classroom

Strategies for Getting Representation with Chris Sablan
Whether you have a script for the next big blockbuster or a highly personal indie-drama, getting your script produced requires the right kind of representation. This course will help guide students to the right kind of agents, managers, and industry movers for their projects.
Reg# 359915: Online

Writing the Ensemble Series Pilot with Douglas Steinberg
The bigger the cast, the less time you have to spend with each character – so how do you make an ensemble compelling enough to warrant everyone’s inclusion? While storytelling and characterization are key, there’s an element of formula to apply that differs from more standard series and this course will help you understand it all.
Reg# 359840: Classroom


Reframing the Form with Rosebud Ben-Oni
Much like adapting a novel into a screenplay (or vice versa), sometimes a poem works better when adapted using a different poetic form or structure. This class not only explores various poetry forms to reshape and rewrite your work, but you’ll come out with a handful of polished works for your portfolio and/or submission.
Reg# 359775: Online

Hybrid and Cross-Genre Poetics with Amber West
A poetry class for dedicated poets and first-timers, this class will explore how poetry influences, informs, and improves other forms of writing and art, leaving students with a portfolio of hybrid works.
Reg# 359845: Online


Introduction to Editing and Publishing with Tobi Harper
The relationship between editors and writers is an essential, often misunderstood, one. Go behind the veil and learn about what makes editors tick and how they help writers craft their best work. An essential course for writers, editors, and anyone interested in publishing.
Reg# 359836: Online

Editorial Management I: Acquisition to Publication with Julia Callahan
For those who want to pursue a career in being a literary editor or agent, this new course will walk you through the basics and beyond, outlining how a manuscript draft, in an editor’s hands, is taken to a published book.
Reg# 359807: Online

One-Day Courses:

Curing Writer’s Block for Good with Amy Spies
This one-day course will approach blocked minds from a mindfulness standpoint – helping writers be in the moment and use that to improve their storytelling, as well as build confidence in following your creative impulses.
Reg# 359956: Saturday, 10am-1pm, April 14

Why Writers Fail (And How Not To) with Amisha Patel
From writer’s block to too many ideas, from lack of planning to lack of time, writers often struggle with getting words on the page and beyond. This one day course offers tools and tips for achieving concrete goals, something all writers can use.
Reg# 359844: Saturday, 10am-1pm, April 21

PR Boot Camp for Writers with Theresa Corigliano
A one-day course for screenwriters wanting to know the ins and outs of promoting yourself properly, what to look for in a publicist, and how to make your work speak for you.
Reg# 360260: Saturday, 9:30am-5:30pm, April 28

The Animation Writer’s Toolkit with Tom Pinchuk
Animation writing has its own vocabulary and this one-day course will walk you through it, along with how to make an animation script readable for artists, animators, and producers.
Reg# 360266: Saturday, 9:30am-5:30pm, May 5

Start Writing Now: A Road Map to Becoming—and Being—a Writer with Michael Levin
Whether you’re a novice or a long time writer, we can all use a boost in getting started and sticking with projects – tools that can also be used to making a career out of writing.
Reg# 359950: Sunday, 9:30am-5pm, May 6

Bree is the Assistant to the Director and Social Media Coordinator. You can email her at btodish@uclaextension.edu.

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