Long time student Mary Jane Myers will have her first short story collection, Curious Affairs, published in March by Paul Dry Books.

Mary Jane has taken multiple classes since 2002 and has many wonderful things to say about the instructors. Highlights include: “Kerry Madden taught me how to “go on the page” easily and effortlessly, and how to read like a writer. In Leon Martell’s class, I surprised myself by drafting a complete play. What a thrill it was to attend a reading of one of the acts of my play, performed by professional actors. Over one weekend, Mary Yukari Waters demonstrated the nuances of when to “show” and when to “tell,” and in another weekend, the art of dealing with emotion without sappiness… In Virginia Schwartz’s class I learned the importance of journaling. Wayne Harrison disclosed techniques for writing dialog. Charles Wyatt conducted an in-depth class in short story writing.”

Congratulations, Mary Jane! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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