While we have numerous new courses to explore for Spring, there’s also a wide array of options that go beyond our standard fare and address writing and development topics in exciting ways. Check them out!

Developmental Editing with Seth Fischer
One of our Certificate in Literary Agenting electives, developmental editing focuses on the big picture – the techniques for and methods under which are not only essential for editors and agents-to-be, but for writers at every level wanting to examine their work more critically with an eye for publication.
Reg# 359649 Classroom

Discovering the Writer Within with Steven Wolfson
For all those who want to write but don’t think of themselves as ‘writers,’ or for those trying to find or recapture their voice, this six-week class is one of the most flexible offerings we have – focusing on the work and the exploration of creativity essential to all writers.
Reg# 359849 Classroom 6 weeks


Wired for Story: Five Steps to Creating an Irresistible Novel with Lisa Cron
Get the most out of a weekend by exploring what makes a story tick, and how to apply that to your projects. While geared toward novels, this weekend-long workshop is open to writers in all genres (nonfiction, screenwriting, short story, etc).
Reg# 359902 Saturday & Sunday, Apr. 7-8

Intensive Revision with Merrill Feitell
You wrote a story – congratulations! However, before that story sees publication of any professional sort, it needs to be revised. This online course will take you through (hopefully) two full revisions and well on your way to a polished work!
Reg# 359802 Online


How to Write a Million-Dollar Proposal: A Two-Saturday Workshop by Kristin Loberg
Once your draft is finished, whether seeking a traditional publishing contract or planning to self-publish, it’s imperative to know the ins and outs of a great proposal. Spend two days diving into what avenue is best for your project and how to map out your publication goals in an actionable way.
Reg# 359891 Saturday, Apr. 28 & May 5

Screenwriter’s Lab: The New Method with Laurel Ollstein
An out-of-the box workshop which helps guide film and TV writers toward developing character-driven pieces that will be compelling as well as marketable, through the lens of writing scenes for theater. As a bonus, at the end of class you’ll have your work performed by actors!
Reg# 360110 Classroom

The Power of Emotional Structure in Film and Television Drama with Peter Dunne
Scripts are more than structure and driving plot elements. In order for audiences to ultimately connect with a film there has to be an emotional connection, which this course endeavors to develop as you craft an outline for a new project.
Reg# 360106 Classroom

Bree is the Assistant to the Director and Social Media Coordinator. You can email her at btodish@uclaextension.edu.

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