National Novel Writing Month isn’t for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean writers should ignore November as a time to dedicate to writing. If you’re averse to becoming part of the NaNoWriMo crowd, here are thirty ideas (one for every day in November) of things you can write instead of a novel.
Incidentally, if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, you can also use this list to help out on days when you’re blocked – just don’t add them to your word count unless they’re incorporated into your novel.

A recipe blog of your favorite childhood food

A five-page short film

A poem, or several

Ad slogans for your favorite beverage

A flash fiction story

A personal essay about your day

A personal essay about a fictional character’s day

Your bio/cover letter to land your dream job

A song

A non-budget-restricted weekly shopping list

A comic strip

Detailed instructions for your favorite workout routine or dance

Actually helpful instructions for assembling a piece of furniture (IKEA or otherwise)

A page-long description of a sunrise or sunset

A series of increasingly panicky out of office messages

A ten-word sentence written ten different ways

A self-translated page of famous fiction originally written in a language you do not speak

A movie, TV, or play review

Notes to four friends, just thanking them for being a friend

An op-ed on the importance of libraries in your community (and if you haven’t been to yours recently, GO)

A series of tweets on your personal fashion icons

A series of facebook statuses in the style of your favorite writers

A series of Instagram stories of you reading the poem you wrote as different characters from your favorite TV show

A painting of your favorite song lyric that isn’t available on Etsy

A realty listing for a haunted house that makes it clear the house is haunted but uses that as a selling point

An ode to your favorite planet – real or fictional

A list of every color you can think of, and how it makes you feel

A thank you letter to your favorite shoes (that you then send to the manufacturer)

A detailed description of the worst book cover you’ve ever seen (that you then send to the publisher)

A snippet from the novel you’re not writing this month but you will write… someday

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