Fiction Certificate graduate Maria Dadouch recently won the Katara Prize. Of her experience, Maria says, “I’m honored to be invited for the second time to share my stories of success here. I recently received the Katara Prize for my novel The Planet of the Uncertainty. Katara is considered the best award for novels in the Arab world and I’m honored to be among the winners of that prize. In the press conference that followed the ceremonies, I thanked my great instructors, Robert Eversz and Dr. Adam Prince for all the guidance they provided to me throughout my writing journey. I also consider myself lucky that twenty-four of my picture books were published in the past two years and for this achievement, I thank the Picture Book course instructor, Terry Pierce for what I learned in her classes.
I graduated from UCLA Extension Writers’ Program [in] 2015 and I consider the education I received there a milestone in my life.”

Congratulations, Maria! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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