While many places in the northern hemisphere are still entrenched in winter (hope you’ve warmed up by now, polar vortex folks), we’re already looking forward to Spring here at Extension. Registration just opened for Spring quarter and we have an exciting slate of new courses to help you keep up with (or start, no judging) your 2019 writing goals.

Creative Writing & Editing/Publishing
Defeating Distraction: Creating a Writing Practice with Cole Kazdin
Writers write. But let’s be honest that many writers struggle with dedicating time, consistently, to their writing practice. And few are the courses that help with that — but now we have one!
366413 – 6 weeks – Classroom (UCLA)

Setting and Description with Trebor Healey
While we have offered courses on character and dialogue before, we’re now proud to have this offering on their equally vital counterparts.
366716 – Online

Romance Writing I with Jeanne De Vita
Whether you have goals of being the next Nora Roberts, or want to expand your genre abilities, we’re here to make your writing sweet and seductive.
366761 – Online

Picture Book II with Terry Pierce
The wait is over: we have finally added Picture Book II. Come in with ideas, leave with a picture book manuscript draft.
366433 – Online

How to Create Original Middle Grade Concepts with Henry Lien
This one day workshop is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Come with an open mind, leave with a polished concept for a middle grade novel.
366431 – Saturday, 5/17 – Classroom (Westwood)

Poetry Toolbox with Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
Sometimes poetry can feel like dumping every art supply known to humanity in a giant box and pulling out items at random to craft something. This course will help you organize those supplies into a useful toolbox to help in creating striking poetic works.
366436 – 6 weeks – Online

Behind the Scenes in Publishing with Tobi Harper
A one-day workshop to help demystify the ‘now what’ aspects of what happens once an author gets a publishing deal; who are all these people working to get a book published, and what do they do? Attend this class and find out.
366440 – Saturday, 6/1 – Classroom (UCLA)


Sound to Scene: Narrative Writing for Podcasts with Annie Gilbertson
From Lore to Fresh Air, the long-running Radio Open Source to the brand new David Tennant Does a Podcast With… podcasts as a form of storytelling aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This one-day workshop will help you understand the conventions and methods for developing a successful podcast and refine your pitch.
367018 – Saturday, 5/4 – Classroom (UCLA)

All About Women’s Storytelling with Jacqueline Heinze
Women’s voices are being given more opportunities than ever, and this six-week workshop will help you find your own voice to contribute to female narratives and pitch your ideas.
366628 – 6 weeks – Classroom (UCLA)

Pitching and Selling Your Hit Feature Film Script
Getting the script written, and polished, is only the start of the screenwriter’s career. This month-long workshop will take you through the vital next level of how to develop and pitch your script in a way that’ll bring it to life for a variety of people capable of leading your script into production.
366634 – 4 weeks – Classroom (UCLA)

Half-Hour TV Spec Script Writing in a Month: Part 1 with Phil Kellard
The companion to our one-hour spec writing in a month class, this course focuses on the structure, form, and style needed to draft the outline of a half-hour spec script.
366633 – Saturday & Sunday, Apr. 13 & 14; May 18 & 19 – Classroom (UCLA)

One-Hour TV Spec Script Writing in a Month: Part 2 with Zac Hug
Building on the outline you (hopefully) developed in the first half of this course, now you will experience the writers’ room atmosphere as you write a full one-hour spec script.
366845Saturday & Sunday, May 11 & 12; June 8 & 9 – Classroom (UCLA)

Writing the One-Hour Pilot II with Erica Byrne and Writing the Half-Hour Pilot II with Andrew Osbourne
This class is an evolution of the intermediate-level pilot writing class we’ve offered previously. One-hour and half-hour shows are now split into two separate classes to give more attention to the style, format, and conventions of these script types.
One-hour: Reg#
366630 – Online
Half-hour: Reg# 366631 – Online

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