Current student Sheryl Recinos published her memoir, Hindsight: Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood, in October 2018.

Speaking of her experience writing and self-publishing the book, Sheryl says, “Writing my memoir finally put the horrors of my childhood into words and ultimately allowed me to forgive myself for the choices I had to make as a homeless teen. Since releasing this book, I’ve sparked an important dialogue about invisible youth living on the streets. I’m currently working on several projects, including a middle grade fiction series based on adolescents coping with adverse childhood experiences and a school based counselor who attempts resilience training. I will have the first book ready for Festival of Books in April 2019 (I’ll have a booth).”

Sheryl speaks highly of her Writers’ Program instructors, particularly Caroline Leavitt and Liz Stephens. “Caroline helped me pull my disconnected ideas together into a logical story that made sense, and her feedback challenged me to tell the hard stories. Liz gave me a safe space to try out my voice and the workshops were phenomenally helpful. She gave excellent feedback throughout the course.”

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