As we head into the second half of 2019, you may be totally on target with your writing goals, or you might still be staring at your page one from concepts you dreamed up in January (or before). However, it’s never too late to get started and we have a bundle of new summer courses available to get your creativity flowing and writing career on track.

Making Friends with Your Inner Critic with Lesley Hyatt
One day may not be enough to silence your inner critic for good, but it is enough to give you tools to cope with, and hopefully find an equitable arrangement with said critic.
Reg# 368679 – Saturday, 8/24 – Classroom (Westwood)

Character and Conflict with Colette Sartor
Character is key in writing. Without characters we understand or identify with, there’s just stuff happening (plot) to people we don’t care about. And yet even the most compelling character stories suffer if the character is just being and not doing. This class will explore crafting characters that act for themselves, not just allow actions to happen to them.
Reg# 368619 – Online

Storytelling for Social Justice with Sehba Sarwar
If you’re looking to tell the stories of your life, your family, your community, there’s always benefit to crafting that narrative in relation to the world we exist in – the positive, negative, and everything between.
Reg# 368677 – Online

YA Symposium
The Young and the Reckless: Writing for Teens
brings together the writing community and some of Southern California’s most accomplished writers and teachers in writing for young adults. This symposium will include the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers and engage with authors in several interactive formats, including special topic sessions and a multi-author question and answer panel.
Saturday, 8/24 – Westwood

Prose Poetry with Ruben Quesada
Exploring the differences in similar types and genres of writing can improve writers of all levels. This course will dive into the similarities and differences in short fiction writing versus prose poetry, both celebrating the economy of words used in expressing an idea – something all writers can benefit from.
Reg# 368530 – 6 weeks – Online

Narrative Storytelling for Podcasts with Annie Gilbertson
The ten-week version of Annie’s one-day Spring course, this class will focus more on the structure of writing for podcasts, crafting narratives, and developing compelling pitches for your ideas.
Reg# 368361 – Classroom (Downtown LA)

Ultimate Character Creation with Donald Hewitt
While screenwriting necessitates great storytelling and structure, without well-developed, compelling characters most film would fall flat. This class will help you hone your skills at creating characters audiences want more from and actors clamor to play.
Reg# 368030 – Classroom (UCLA)


Advanced TV Series Showrunning with Cynthia Hsiung
Writing for television is a big job, and landing a gig in a writers room is an exceptional achievement. Yet the industry thrives on and seeks out those who can do more. Showrunners act as writer, producer, lead creative, and business expert and for those developing their own original series, knowing what it takes to be a great showrunner is an essential skill.
Reg# 368031 – Classroom (UCLA)

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