As the year winds down, writing goals (and time, and energy) can take a back seat to other aspects of life. It happens, we get it. It can also be a time that, even if you’ve been going strong all year, you can start to feel some burnout or just a dip in creativity. So we put together this little toolkit of writing exercises and activities to help take you through fall and into the new year with some fresh perspectives and, hopefully, some new pages and ideas.

Go on a Nature Walk/Color Tour

Find out where the colors are best in your area, and when, and go for a walk or drive. If you’re not in a place that has cool fall landscapes, or are bound to be inside, go on a virtual color tour.

Use “kids” writing prompts

If you search “fall writing” images, a lot of the images that come up first are classroom resources. Try going back to basics, using prompts and material oriented for younger minds to help expand your own. Some of them even include areas to color, which can be a great way to break through a creative block. Check out a few below, and explore more on your own via search.


Write Out Recipes

Take some time to physically write (or type) some fall-themed recipes: soup, bread, cookies, pie, casseroles, and more. Get creative with colors, fonts, and/or doodles along the way. And if you’re not a cooking/baking person (or even if you are), create some for moods, activities, states of being, etc.

Break Out the Fall Tunes

Create a playlist of your own, or to save time, check out the one our staff put together.



Adjust your Writing Screen/Paper/Pens, etc.

Since we’re culturally wired to try new things at the start of a year, why not check in with your writing tools and aesthetic to see if it could use a fall spruce up. Here’s a few fall color palettes to explore using your favorite writing app, paper, pens, etc.

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Get Back to School

Fall is the traditional time for school to begin, and while we offer courses year-round on the quarter system, Fall is unsurprisingly our busiest term with the most options for classes. Fall quarter starts the week of September 23rd (though many courses start the next week, and beyond), and there’s still room in many of our courses. You can reach out to us anytime at with questions about which course is right for you, and access the fall catalog at the bottom of our homepage.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration — leave a comment here or on our social media pages to let us know what works best for you!

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