A fraction of the old library, which we used for giveaways last year.

Once upon a time (up until last summer), the Writers’ Program had a library. It was a small library by most standards, just a couple tall bookshelves in our office space. However, it housed decades of Writers’ Program history, containing books by students and instructors of the program who had generously shared them with us over the years. Unfortunately, when UCLA Extension relocated, twice, in 2018, the institution had to scale back drastically on what could come with us – that included our library.

The start of our new library

While we don’t have the amount of space we used to, not by a long shot, we have been able to clear a few shelves in our current space to restart our library. A couple students have already sent us copies of their beautiful books in conjunction with their success stories to be featured on our site, but we want to see more!

If you are a current or former student or instructor who would like to send us a copy of a book you have published (or a film/series you’ve had made), please drop us a line at writers@uclaextension.edu for more information.

And we are always open to success stories of students and instructors – everything from a story’s publication in a journal or collection to acceptance in an MFA program, from getting representation to having your first film produced, and everything between and beyond. Click here for more info on how to submit for a success story.

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