If you’ve ever tried writing, you’ve probably found reasons not to write.
How many have you heard? How many have you thought/felt/done?

“I have to do more research before I get started.”

“My cat is sitting on my keyboard.”

“I need more tea… and a snack… and oh, look, now all these dishes are dirty…”

“My laptop died in the middle of a sentence.”

“I thought I had a great idea, but then I told someone about it and they didn’t like it, so now it’s worthless.”

“This carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in six months isn’t going to deep clean itself.”

“It’s a gorgeous day outside. I don’t want to lock myself up writing. I’ll just go for a short walk… or a long walk… or drive to another state for funsises.”

“I don’t have the right pen to write!”
(also substitute: notebook, paper, pencil, computer, typewriter, software, recorder, planner, and training)

“I know what’s in my head is a great idea, but I also know I’ll never be able to capture that idea in writing.”

“I’ll never be as good a writer as *insert favorite writer here*”

“It’s November already. Everything is so crazy with end-of-year stuff. I’ll just wait until next year.”

“I have all these ideas but as soon as I sit down to write they all go away.”

“My desk is messy.”

“I get distracted too easily.”

“What I’ve written already is perfect.”

“What I write will never be perfect.”

“I need deadlines/accountability to write well.”

“I need encouragement/validation from others to write and keep writing.”

“The World Series/Olympics/World Cup is happening. I’ll get to it when that’s over.”

“I don’t want to write. I just want to be famous for writing… or famous for something.”

“My neighbor’s dog keeps barking.”

“My dog keeps barking.”

“My cat has started barking.”

“I really need to clean my car… and the garage.”

“I’m fine writing, but once I’m finished I have to find an agent/publisher/production company/new group of writer friends to feel cool around, and that’s the hard part.”

“My main character is an expert in jujitsu and a master swordsperson. I have to become those as well to really be able to write their experiences.”

“I just need some inspiration.” *cue binge-watching the entire series of Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad/Murder She Wrote/Doctor Who/The Simpsons*

“I’m too tired.”

“I’m too busy.”

“I’m too scared.”

“I’m too scared.”
All writers are at some point. You recognize the fear and move past it, finding reasons and ways to create, or you don’t write. You learn to cope with criticism and rejection, or you don’t write. You make writing a priority, or you don’t write.

*note: all these reasons are real reasons for not writing, but not all of them are real reasons not to write. Also, we don’t advocate sacrificing your health, in all forms, to write – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t sacrifices. Bottom line: if you want to write, you will find the will to write; and if you don’t want to write, then go ahead and take that drive to another state just for fun.

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