Current Feature Film Writing Certificate student, Jia Huo, recently sold one of her scripts to Chinese television. She explains the unique journey of her sale saying, “Since it’s difficult for new writers to sell a script in China, I wrote a romantic story using the screenwriting method and posted it on a famous Chinese novel website. During the serializing, I captured the attention of thousands of readers. Then a picture corporation bought the story for TV adapting. The novel’s name is The Story of Greed. It’s about a girl who hesitates between two lovers. It will be produced in 2020.”

Of her experience in the Writers’ Program, Jia says, “I was very lucky to be in Mr. (Don) Hewitt’s class. He is very nice and understanding. His advice is always based on the students’ ideas, not on his own preferences. He introduced us to many different kinds of great movies. Whichever kind of writer you are, you can always find inspiration and guidance.”

Congratulations, Jia! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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