The new year is always a time to reflect and assess what we want to do more, and less, of in the coming days. While there’s always a push to do more and more, sometimes you have to reflect and see what’s feasible. In the spirit of chasing dreams but keeping them attainable, we asked the WP team what their writing goals were for 2020.

Jeff: To fibish one screeplay and make les typos 🙂

1. Send more stories out into the world
2. Finish a full draft of my very long fiction piece
3.Start calling my very long fiction piece what is it: a novel

1. Finish revising my YA novel and send it out to agents
2. Write more consistently and more frequently
3. Make writing a priority

1. Finish revising a screenplay I’ve been working on and send it out into the world
2. Revamp my writing practice/write every day
3. Figure out what this new project is in my mind (a novel, a TV series, a film) and write it

1. Finish and revise a complete novel
2. Create a steady writing practice 2x times a week
3. Take a screenwriting class

1. Develop and maintain a writing practice
2. Submit some writings places (super specific, I know)
3. FINISH at least one short story, one novel, and one script

Chae: I plan to write a new feature, two more original pilots, and a spec of an existing series that is TBD. Goodbye 2020. Sorry we didn’t get to meet.

What are your writing goals for 2020?

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