After receiving her Certificate in Fiction Writing, Marlenée has found a home for her novel Curse of the Ninth with WiDo Publishing. The e-book is available now, and the hard copy will be released later this week (1/27/20). Ruthie says of the book, “Inspired by real people and events, Curse of the Ninth, is also sparked by a superstition in the music world whereby a composer who produces a ninth symphony has reached a decisive landmark – to embark on the tenth is a challenge to fate.”

Of her experience in the Writers’ Program, she says, “So many UCLA Extension instructors, including liz gonzález, Jessica Barksdale Inclan, and Francesca Lia Block guided [me] along, and then Lynn Hightower finally whipped [my novel] into shape during her intensive Boot Camp and Master Class.” Curse of the Ninth was nominated for a James Kirkwood Literary Prize.

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