After several years of development, the Writers’ Program is thrilled to announce its new Certificate in Creative Writing. This Certificate replaces our previous Certificates in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, allowing students to craft a much more individualized curriculum suitable for their personal goals, experience, and needs. This customizable program culminates in a capstone project in which students make significant progress on a polished collection of work. With a lower candidacy fee and fewer courses required for completion, this Certificate is also a more cost-effective way for our students to achieve their writing goals.

This program is perfect for:

  • People new to writing who want to develop strong skills in one genre
  • People with varied interests who want the freedom to write in several genres
  • Individuals with specific ideas for a novel, memoir, short stories, personal essays, or poems
  • Writers pursuing development in poetry, writing for young readers, or a variety of special topics
  • Writers who wish to polish pieces for submission to MFA programs
  • Writers who want to become part of a vibrant community of artists who share their passion

What you can learn: 

  • Identify your creative writing goals and develop a plan to achieve them
  • Elements of fiction such as voice, setting, and dialogue
  • Discover techniques of powerful storytelling
  • How to craft compelling characters whether from your imagination or inspired by real life
  • Learn to write memorable scenes and stories
  • Workshop your manuscript with expert instructors and your peers
  • Generate up to 250 pages of collected work

Candidacy Fee: $100
Estimated Program Tuition: $4,025-$5,195
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $200
Estimated Total Cost: $4,225-$5,395

Students may follow a Writers’ Program sample Curriculum Plan based on specific writing goals to conceptualize their own program of study. This curriculum plan may completed the as their whole course of study or customized based on their own interests. The only required course, the Creative Capstone, allows students to compile their writing from prior coursework into a final portfolio representing the finest examples of their work. The Capstone course helps further refine work in this portfolio while also completing a reflective essay/artistic statement that synthesizes their learning in the program and establishes their artistic vision for future work. The Capstone helps outline their next goals, whether it be new projects, publication, applying to MFA programs, or other career development activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between the original Fiction or Creative Nonfiction Certificate programs and the new Creative Writing Certificate?
The Fiction or Creative Nonfiction Certificate have candidacy fees of $250 and require 24 units to complete with the following specific requirements: 6 units of Level I courses, 9 units of Level II courses, 3 units of Level III courses, and 6 units of electives. Upon completion, students have six months to receive a free 100 page manuscript consultation.
The Creative Writing Certificate has a candidacy fee of $100 and requires 21 units to complete, and all creative writing courses apply. The only required course is the Creative Capstone class. Upon completion, students have six months to receive 50% off a manuscript consultation of any length. Click here to view more information on the consultation service.

Will current Fiction or Creative Nonfiction Certificate students who switch programs need to complete the capstone requirement to finish the new Certificate in Creative Writing?
Yes. Any previous courses in Creative Writing, regardless of level, will apply towards the new program, but you will still need to complete the 3-unit capstone project.

My Student Portal only reflects some of the courses I’ve taken underneath Certificate progress. What’s going on?
You can always check your completed classes and your grades in your Student Portal under “Course History;” however, the certificate progress feature is updated manually. The system may automatically fill out some of the courses you’ve taken, but for the most accurate audit of how your completed courses should apply to your Certificate requirements, please reach out to Student Affairs Officer Carrie Truong at

Current Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Certificate students with further questions can view more FAQs here:

We look forward to welcoming new students into this exciting new Certificate program which better reflects the needs of individual students, their experience level, and personal and professional goals!



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