By Alexis Harmon

Ever find yourself googling “tips for writers” just hoping you’ll find a useful piece of advice or some words of inspiration? Same – we’ve all been there. Lucky for us, there are hundreds of writers, bloggers and professionals out there that are ready to help you become a better writer for free! Here I’ve compiled a short list of helpful sites and blogs that you can follow and subscribe to for writing tips, tricks and advice. Enjoy!


Reedsyblog has just about everything that you might need. Blog posts about writing characters, tips on becoming a better writer, publishing and promoting tips, and more! I highly recommend you take advantage of reedsyprompts. A handful of new prompts are posted each week, and you can even submit for the chance to win a cash prize! Reedsyblog is definitely a catchall site that writers can benefit from.

The Write Life

The Write Life is chock-full of tips for writers. Whether you want to hone your craft, read up on publishing or even try your hand at blogging, The Write Life has articles for anything. They even offer recommendations for music to listen to while writing and information about MFA programs! It’s definitely a site that all writers could benefit from.

Creative Writers Opportunities

Run by professor and blogger Allison J., this blog is a compilation of submission and contest opportunities for creative writing. Posts range from calls for submissions for literary magazines and anthologies to manuscript submission opportunities. She offers a variety of free and low-cost submission opportunities, so be sure to check it out if you have work ready to send out!

The Creative Penn

Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or are interested in publishing, New York Times bestselling author Joanna Penn has you covered. Penn offers everything from blog posts, to videos, to her own books about writing. She even has a podcast! If you’re looking for advice straight from an author, The Creative Penn is the place to start.

John August

Want a podcast by screenwriters, for screenwriters? John August has a library of over 400 podcast episodes that are free to listen to at any time. Alongside the episodes, August has Q&A’s covering every topic for budding screenwriters on his blog.

The Write Practice

Along with unique articles discussing a wide variety of topics for writers, The Write Practice fosters a community of writers trying to become better. The site offers assessments and tutorials for writing practice, as well as a list of resources for software, books and courses that writers could use to hone their craft.

Terribleminds Blog

Author of New York Times bestseller Star Wars: Aftermath and the Miriam Black series, Chuck Wendig offers free stories, writing tips, advice from other authors, as well as a plethora of hilarious musings. If you’re looking for writing tips and a couple laughs, Terribleminds is the blog for you.

Alexis Harmon is a UCLA student studying English and Education Studies in addition to working for the Writers’ Program. She strives to write well, foster good vibes at all times and love cats to the point of annoyance.

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