Fall quarter is almost here, and in case you’re still debating about whether or not to chase your writing dreams this year, we have a few options that might spark interest – including more FREE one-day classes. We know that, this year of all years, it can sometimes feel like chasing our dreams is a frivolous pursuit – it’s not. It never is. If writing is in your soul, your true spirit, then there is no better time to cultivate that spirit. Check out some of the options below, and if you have any questions about what’s right for you and your writing goals, please reach out to us: writers@uclaextension.edu
You bring the dedication and the work, we’ll bring the support and expert training.

FREE One-Day Classes
Since the Spring quarter when all our classes transitioned to an online-only format, we have been offering free one-day seminars on various writing topics to astonishing success. While Fall will be the final term we offer a significant number of these courses, we do plan to continue to offer 2-3 free one-day seminars every quarter going forward.
Additionally, to provide the best opportunity to those truly dedicated to these courses, we are altering the enrollment process for Fall, and future, one-day free classes. Enrollment will open two weeks prior to the course start date so that those who enroll are able to commit to the course date/time. These one-day courses are not recorded so are only available for live attendance on their scheduled date. All courses will be from 10am-1pm PT, on a Saturday. Here are our offerings for Fall:

The Basics of Setting with Aatif Rashid (Reg# 376644) – Saturday, 10/3
Registration open now — waitlist only

Crafting Survival Stories: One Day Workshop with Eileen Cronin (Reg# 376380) – Saturday, 10/10
Registration opens 9/26

Both Sides of the Fence: Working With/As An Agent with Linda Camacho (Reg# 376789) – Saturday, 10/10
Registration opens 9/26

Storytelling Starter Kit with Cole Kazdin (Reg# 375772) – Saturday 10/24
Registration opens 10/10

Writing Compelling Movie Scenes with Michael Weiss (Reg# 376561) – Saturday, 10/24
Registration opens 10/10

All About (Killing) Eve with Joel Thompson (Reg# 376559) – Saturday, 11/7
Registration opens 10/24

Nonfiction 101 with Roberta Wax (Reg# 376378) – Saturday, 11/14
Registration opens 10/31

Showrunners and Show Writers with Ed Scharlach (Reg# 376538) – Saturday, 11/14
Registration opens 10/31

WP NOW Exclusive Seminar + Discounts
In October we’ll be hosting our first WP NOW exclusive professional development workshop, From Aspiring TV Writer to Employed TV Writer.
You must be a WP NOW member to attend these workshops, and they require registration. In addition to these workshops, WP NOW members get exclusive discounts on writing software & Writers’ Program courses, membership into a partner professional organization, an online community for support, accountability, and networking – and more! For more info on WP NOW, our exclusive membership-based subscription for students, alumni, and the community, you can check it out (and sign up) here: https://www.uclaextension.edu/wp-now

Announcing Fiat Lux

We are thrilled to announce our online literary magazine, Fiat Lux. Fiat Lux is a Latin phrase meaning “Let there be light” and serves as the motto of UCLA. As a literary journal, Fiat Lux promotes work that illuminates the human condition. We accept fiction to poetry to creative nonfiction and artwork and reviews and all things in between that reflect true-life experience filtered through the author’s lens. We specifically welcome work from diverse voices and in innovative forms.
We are currently seeking applicants for our editorial staff positions. As a student-run literary magazine, editors will have oversight of the works accepted for publication and will develop professional editing and publishing skills in a hands-on learning environment.
Information about submitting work for review coming soon!

The Write Process Season 3
Our podcast on the writing process, specifically one writer’s journey from concept to completion on a project, has just launched its third season. You can listen to the previous seasons and new episodes on our site, and wherever podcasts are available!

Coming Soon…
While September may feel a bit early to be talking about next year, we want you to know we’ve got some exciting things lined up for 2021 including an all-virtual Writers Studio (registration opens in October), new courses for Winter term (registration opens 11/2), and more opportunities for diverse voices. We know 2020 has been a year of monumental change for everyone, and hope that it leads us into a new year of growth, progress, and community – in the meantime we’ll keep working remotely, wearing masks, and doing what we can to support writers, their journeys, and ourselves.

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