Writers’ Program instructor and student, Charles Jensen, recently published an essay collection honed in our classes. Charles says, “Cross Cutting is a two-essay collection of hybrid work. Each essay explores one of my lived experiences, and I ‘splice’ in critical analysis of a single film. As the reader moves through the piece, they make connections between my life and the film, and the thematic, symbolic, and emotional resonances between them. It’s a little more fun than I just made it sound.”

Of his experience as a student in the program he says, “I workshopped several essays like this in Gordon Grice’s Creative Nonfiction III course. One of the essays in Cross Cutting was accepted for publication immediately after I’d workshopped it, gotten great comments for revision, and submitted it for publication. But all the feedback I got on the book-length version of the project in that class pushed me to think more critically about how to craft essays that engaged my reader in both the memoir narrative and the film narrative. I’m grateful for that guidance.”

Congratulations, Charles! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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