Student Laura Tenenbaum recently had an article she developed in a Writers’ Program course published in TIME. She says of the experience, “I was the senior science editor for NASA’s Global Climate Change website for a decade, but I was stripped of my duties and barred from speaking to the press after Trump took office because he believed that climate change is a “hoax.” Eventually, I was forced out of my job at NASA. After a year of being censored and three more years of working on my story, my essay about censorship at NASA, NASA’s Climate Communications Might Not Recover From the Damage of Trump’s Systemic Suppression, was finally published in TIME. The opportunity to regain my voice and share my story was a huge relief.”

Of her experience in our classes, Laura says, “Apparently, being censored can have a negative impact on a person’s ability to create. The UCLA Extension Writers’ Program helped me get unstuck. Gordon Grice‘s Creative Nonfiction III made a major impact on my ability to find my voice and taught me about dropping into a scene. Victoria Zackheim‘s Personal Essay III helped me understand structure and storytelling. I am incredibly grateful.”

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