Longtime instructor Norman Kolpas recently published a new food book. He says, “I was asked by Reaktion Books, a well-respected book publisher based in London, to write a history of foie gras for their “Edible” series of single subject books on food. While the subject is highly controversial due to animal rights and cruelty issues, and that controversy has led to anti-foie gras demonstrations and legislation around the world including here in California, I thought the ingredient’s history would be fascinating to explore, and I aimed to present a richly anecdotal account that was fair to both sides.”

Of his time teaching with the Writers’ Program, Norman says, “I’ve now been teaching steadily in the Writers’ Program for 31 years, and welcome the opportunity it gives me to share what I’ve learned throughout my career as a nonfiction writer and editor on a wide range of subjects. My goal has always been to build a safe, supportive, constructive, collegial atmosphere in my workshops, providing my students with tips both inspirational and practical to help them become better writers. Seeing my students get published, often with pieces they began in my classroom, satisfies me in ways unlike anything else I do.”

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