As the weather turns warmer and we all ache to get outside for a bit, let’s not forget our writing goals for the year. We’ve got new courses for Summer, and with all our offerings still online (in several types of formats), you can take classes just as easily sitting on a lounge chair at the beach (or poolside) as you can from your living room.

Creative Writing

Mystery Novel II with Kris Neri
For those who took Mystery Novel I, or with experience in writing mysteries + an outline and first chapter, deepen your story and novel development through workshopping, genre instruction, self-editing tips, and more.
Reg# 380589 – Starts June 30 – Online

Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel I with Alyx Dellamonica
This workshop provides both aspiring and experienced writers with genre-specific tools necessary to plan and begin a sci-fi or fantasy novel, with focus on establishing a new world and its characters in the first pages of the book. Work on foundational skills like characterization and pacing as well as the worldbuilding skills unique to this genre.
Reg# 380588 – Starts June 30 – Online

LGBTQ Writing Workshop with Jennifer Chukwu
Workshopping combines with study of important moments in LGBTQ+ history to help writers craft personal stories and narratives in a supportive and understanding environment.
Reg# 380036 – Starts June 30 – Online

Applying to Residencies and Fellowships with Ploi Pirapokin
Application tips, reviewing samples, identifying personal voice, and more are covered in this class to help writers gain practical skills and knowledge in applying for these vital opportunities to advance skills and professional networks.
Reg# 381069 – Starts July 31 – Online

Literary Agent Query Prep for Writers with Eve Porinchak
Once you’ve completed a work, anyone wishing to publish (outside of self-publishing) needs to start querying agents and/or publishers. Query letters are your real introduction to the professionals who will decide potential futures for your book, so you want them to be as strong as possible. Learn not only how to craft the best query possible, but how to find representation with agents/publishers that fit your work, and be strategic in your outreach and follow-up.
Reg# 381567 – Starts July 14 – Online



Bringing Your Characters to Life with Barry Vigon
While characters are created in the mind of the writer, it’s actors who will ultimately transform those mental pictures and words into memorable performances. By learning to see characterization through the lens of an actor, writers can develop more fully realized, compelling, and enticing roles to attract filmmakers t their projects.
Reg# 380992 – Starts July 1 – Remote Instruction

Television Content for a Global Age with Guillermo Escalona
The Internet has uniquely enabled a new golden era of television, and storytellers are in high demand, particularly for stories that appeal to global audiences. Not only do you need a great script, you need a compelling narrative to sell the concept and overall feel of your work to potential producers, executives, and more. Learn the skills needed to develop quality pitch documents that can elevate your ideas to successful international shows.
Reg# 380980 – Starts June 26 – Remote Instruction

Get Your Script Contest Ready with Cody Smart
This course focuses on how to write a script that places, what judges are looking for, how to write a killer opening that engages your reader, what mistakes to avoid, which competitions to enter, and how to use competition wins to propel your writing career.
Reg# 380990 – Starts June 30 – Online

Narrative Podcast Pilot II with Kristin Lepore
Building on techniques from Narrative Podcast Pilot I, learn more about audience development, distribution options, and crafting a solid pitch deck to be able to sell your story to networks, executives, stations, and listeners.
Reg# 381311 – Starts June 30 – Online

Scripted Podcasting with Bill Taub
If you’ve thought about writing a narrative podcast but don’t know how to begin, this is the class for you. Learn the basics of how to write compelling audio scripts, incorporating effects and music, and flesh out your idea into a full 15-30 minute script.
Reg# 380991 – Starts June 30 – Online

Relationship Driven Screenplay II with Michael Weiss
With a full story outline and thirty pages completed, this second part in the series will offer you the tools, inspiration and deadlines to push through and finish your script. Along the way, build up a toolbox of skills that will work on your current scripts, as well as everything you write in the future.
Reg# 380989 – Starts July 1 – Remote Instruction

How To Have a Writing Career with Nancy Nigrosh
Learn the professional skills you need to survive in an industry where your creative skills and vision are as important as your ability to navigate the business.
Reg# 381790 – Starts June 26 – Remote Instruction

FYI for current students, we’ve changed the course title of our core screenwriting classes to better reflect and clarify the progressive nature of taking these classes in sequence. This way, you know exactly how to follow our curriculum and set yourself up for a success on learning the craft! If you have any questions about these, please feel free to contact us.

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