Former student Indra Zuno recently won the gold prize in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards for Historical Fiction for her debut novel Freedom Dues. She says of the experience, “I’m sincerely still in a state of slight disbelief. There were times when I doubted I would finish, and times when I questioned my own abilities. Winning this award makes all the work, tears and frustration very much worth it. It motivates me to finish my second book!”

Of her time in the Writers’ Program, Indra says, “I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have had Steven Wolfson as my first instructor at UCLA Extension. He is my own personal Obi Wan. He was my first editor, and instrumental in getting me to the critical milestone of simply finishing the manuscript. Mark Sarvas‘ lectures were manna, and Freedom Dues owes much to his notes and encouragement.”

Congratulations, Indra! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.


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