Creative Writing Certificate student Bekah Rossman recently had essays published, both workshopped in Writers’ Program classes. She says of the experience, “I went from not writing since 1998 to beginning a memoir and having three pieces published within three months. I’ve gained wonderful momentum and confidence over the past few months. I realize I’ve been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reawaken my talent as a writer. I’m in the midst of long-awaited healing: what an extraordinary relief and gift.”

You can read her essays here:
“Stunt Girl”
“First Sips” or

Of her time in the Writers’ Program, Bekah says, “The UCLA Extension Writers’ Program strengthened my writing ten-fold: Gordon Grice‘s Narrative Techniques and Story Structure put me back on track to a 1,000-word daily writing habit. He reinforced and polished basic and advanced writing concepts across-the-board and his detailed critiques solidified several pieces of my memoir. I highly recommend Roberta Wax, Rochelle Shapiro, and Victoria Zackheim, as well. Each instructor polished my dialogue and taught me how to infuse my writing with more emotion.”

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