Former student Wendy Cheng recently had essays published in the Cincinnati Review and Boom: A Journal of California. Both works were developed in Writers’ Program courses. Of the publication experience, Wendy says, “After over a dozen rejections, the acceptance of my essay in the Cincinnati Review helped me understand that creating work I could feel confident about and being persistent are probably the most important parts of the process. In turns out that getting published, while definitely meaningful and important, is just one part of a much longer and more challenging mental and artistic path. But I do feel very grateful that this story of my father is now out in the world and can have its own life apart from me, especially now that he is gone.”

Of her time in the Writers’ Program she says, “Gordon Grice’s feedback and classes were so helpful for developing my understanding of writing as craft so I could separate myself and my ego from my writing and really focus on how or why a particular piece was successful or not as a piece of writing. And Yelizaveta Renfro’s Lyrical Essay class – as well as Yelizaveta’s perceptive feedback – really helped me to free myself up from traditional essay forms to embrace lyrical forms that felt more intuitive and fitting for me.”

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