The last few years have seen the meteoric rise in popularity, and breadth, of ambient and ASMR content. And while summer is a time for many to vacation in places near and far, for some that is not a reality they can achieve every year. Not only has the global pandemic continued to cancel plans for many, even before (and after) there are many folks for whom vacation travel is out of reach, often for financial and/or health reasons. While ambient video creations are not the same as being able to visit places in person, they can provide a temporary glimpse, an atmospheric transformation, that allows people the ability to travel to a never-ending sprawl of locations – real and fictional.

We’ve collected a few of our favorites to create a fun and cozy summer mood to help you write, relax, or imagine trips of the future. We even made an extended playlist to keep you motivated and inspired for many, many hours.

Beach/Seaside Vibes:

Global Relaxation:


Fantasy Escapes:


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