Former student Stephanie Bast and first-time writer took home Best Comedy for Creative Screenwriter’s Unique Voices Pilot Competition and has advanced to the 2nd Round of LaunchPad.

Of the experience and her time in the Writers’ Program, she says, “I felt foolish starting to write this late in my life, especially as a mother of nine year old twins. Eric Abrams championed my true-life story idea, helping me craft an outline two months before Covid lockdown. I handed this outline to Jim Staahl and proceeded to vomit pages of emotion and mess, trusting he could expertly shape it into something resembling a script. With his foundation (and anal retentiveness to format) I had the confidence and skills to shape FrankenFamily into a solid pilot almost a year later. I can honestly say writing saved my sanity during this pandemic.”

Congratulations, Stephanie! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.


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