There are many changes taking place this Fall, in the Writers’ Program, at UCLA, and in the world. However, one change that always gets us excited is NEW course offerings for the quarter.

As the Writers’ Program continues offering courses completely virtual this term, we’ve crafted a schedule full of online (asynchronous, deadline-driven) and remote (set, required meetings on Zoom) options, from full term, 10-week classes to weekend intensives, and various possibilities in between. You can access the full Fall course listing here, but also check out what’s new below (all scheduled course times PT).

Creative Writing

Horror Novel I with Don Webb
Novel I, but with more chills (and not just because the weather’s changing). You’ll work on developing a scary good outline and terrible(y well-written) first chapter or two of a terrific tale of terror.
Reg# 382700 – Starts September 29 – Online


Story and Plot with Jerrilyn Farmer
Develop skills in character, setting, tone, theme, internal and external conflict and more. Also  learn the stepping stones of a fresh, tight, coherent plot that readers won’t be able to put down.
Reg# 382701 – Starts September 28 – Remote Instruction

Breaking into Writing for Children with Laurel van der Linde
This seminar will you a good foundation in what kids want and need at various age levels so you can best plan and execute your project AND break into this ever-expanding and valuable market.
Reg# 382353 – Saturday, October 16 – Remote Instruction

Creative Café: Food & Writing with Nancy Spiller
Readings, exercises, discussion, and critiques will help you write about food, expand your creative horizons, and publish your work.
Reg# 382390 – October 23-24 – Remote Instruction

Clear and Descriptive Writing with Jessica Barksdale
The first course in our NEW Written Communications area, focusing on composition. Gain deeper knowledge on the basics of sentence and paragraph, providing tools to enable clear, focused, and descriptive essays and other works. Perfect for creative writers, but also great for business, marketing, technical, and other styles of writing, and anyone who needs a brush up on their skills.
Reg# 383101 – Starts September 22 – Online


Comics and Graphic Novels I with Brian Cunningham
Learn about the craft and development of a graphic work, then take your story from pitch to outline to completed script to visual work, even if you’ve never drawn before.
Reg# 382702 – Starts September 25 – Remote Instruction


Late Night Talk Show and Sketch Comedy with Jeffrey Kahn
Break down what makes a sketch, a bit, and desk pieces by analyzing established examples. Learn about different comedic tones and perspectives to develop your own voice and write segments and sketches in class for reading or performance by classmates.
Reg# 382705 – Starts September 27 – Remote Instruction

Advanced Show Bible and Pitch Deck Workshop with Cody Smart
Once you’re written a solid pilot, you want to sell it, right? These days, the biggest supplementary requirement to a good script is an amazing pitch deck and/or show bible. And we’re here to help you create one.
Reg# 382699 – Starts October 6 – Online

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