Instructor Hannah Dennison has a new mystery novel release. Hannah says, “This month sees the publication of Danger at the Cove (Minotaur), the second in the Island Sisters Mysteries and my fourteenth mystery novel. With a contract for two more books in my long-running Honeychurch Hall Mysteries, I think back to my days as a student in Claire Carmichael’s class with deep gratitude. I’m quite certain I would never have been published without her guidance, support and enthusiasm.”

Of her experiences teaching in the Writers’ program, she says, “When I put my name forward to teach mystery writing workshops, I hoped that my experience with the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program might inspire aspiring writers just like Claire had inspired me. I have always been passionate about storytelling so having the opportunity to work with enthusiastic students and convince them that if I can do it, so can they! is great. As I see their stories come together and confidences build, I think I am more excited than they are. As an added bonus, I always learn something new about my own process along the way.”

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