The Writers’ Program often shares success stories of our students, alum, and instructors. Having instructors who are active in their field provides students inside knowledge of the writing biz. They also constantly have new projects in the works – genuinely, too many for us to keep track of them all! With over 200 active instructors, we could feature one every working day of the year. Alas, we only have the bandwidth to cover a handful here and there. However, here’s a sampling of what some of our instructors currently have in the works:

Longtime instructor Lou Mathews recently released his latest novel, Shaky Town, published through Writers’ Program alum Jim Gavin’s Tiger Van Books.

Shawna Kenney recently had a true crime piece published in the LA Review of Books.

Lilliam Rivera’s newest YA novel, We Light Up the Sky, is scheduled for release on 10/26, and her DC Comics graphic novel, Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story, is out now

Maria Amparo Escandón’s new novel, LA Weather, is out now. It’s also a September pick for Reese’s Book Club (joining WP and Reese’s picks alum Miranda Heller and Tembi Locke, our 2022 Writers Studio keynote speaker)!

Instructor-alum Natashia Deón’s upcoming novel, The Perishing, is garnering a lot of buzz from numerous places including The New York Times, Crime Reads, Essence, and Shondaland.

Screenwriting instructor Matthew Witten recently published a thriller novel, The Necklace, which was an Amazon Editors’ Pick for Best Mystery, Thriller and Suspense.

Paul Witcover’s latest novel, Lincolnstein, is slated to be published later this year by PS Publishing in the UK.

Warren Lewis’ screenplay The Dybbuk was an official selection at the 2021 American Screenwriters Conference and at The Sacramento International Film Festival.

Alison Singh Gee’s Westways feature “Tracking the Tiger in Yosemite: A personal odyssey in search of the park’s lost Chinese history,” was nominated for Best American Travel Writing 2021.

Hannah Dennison continues her successful Honeychurch Hall mystery series with Murder in Miniature at Honeychurch Hall, releasing in November.

These are just a few of the projects keeping our instructors motivated and engaged to help the next generation of writers through continually creating themselves. Keep an eye on our site & social channels for more new & upcoming instructor projects!

And if you’re a current or former student or alumni, we’d love to share your success story, too! Click here for info on how to submit one to us.

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