2022 is fast approaching and we’ve got several exciting announcements:
First, in-person instruction is returning! While most of our classes remain online (either in our deadline-driven asynchronous format, or with live weekly Zoom sessions), we have a handful of onsite classes starting in January on the UCLA campus and at the Gayley Center in Westwood Village. Our course listing and website will indicate the in-person courses and sections. Please refer to and bookmark the UCLA Extension updates page for information on requirements for attendance at UCLA facilities. These requirements may change over time and this site is frequently updated to relay new information.
Also, we have a NEW field of study. After many years of requests for classes that cover writing which doesn’t fit into the Creative Writing field, we are launching classes under a Written Communications umbrella. These courses will be focused on strengthening general and professional writing for adult learners who wish to develop skills in communication through writing, but not necessarily storytelling. Courses in this area may evolve into a Certificate program if there is enough interest and enrollment.
Read on for new class offerings in this field, as well as Creative Writing and Screenwriting.

Written Communication

Clear and Descriptive Writing with Jessica Barksdale
This class will help you develop clear, focused, and descriptive essays and other writing objectives. Using workshopping techniques and sentence exercises, you move toward creating clear, thoughtful, and organized paragraphs that employ tone, voice, and diction.
383858 – Starts January 5 – Online

Persuasive Writing with Carlos Allende
Good persuasive writing is part composition and part psychology, and this class will help you combine that knowledge and those skills to create dynamic, persuasive writing for a variety of mediums.
Reg# 383871 – Starts January 5 – Online

Creative Writing

Memoir IV with Barbara Abercrombie
Our first advanced memoir class, this workshop is centered on sustaining progress and polishing existing work. Self-editing techniques and preparing a book proposal will also be explored. Like most of our advanced courses, an application that includes a significant amount of the book you will be working on in class is required, and all students must be approved by the instructor.
384049 – Starts January 11 – Remote Instruction

Voices of Color Workshop II with Wally Rudolph
A continuation of our Voices of Color workshop, which will help students create and cultivate a supportive, understanding environment where individual writers’ intention, social and cultural background, and lived experiences inform their work and their critiques.
383877 – Starts January 11 – Remote Instruction

Horror Novel II with Don Webb
For those who completed Horror Novel I (or with similar experience), this class will explore building suspense, developing character, and what happens next (screen rights, sequels, fans, agents etc.), while working in a small, supportive group to write and workshop a significant number of initial pages of their novel.
384050 – Starts January 12 – Online

Spiritual Poetry with Rachel Kann
Create rich, textured, poetry of celebration and intimacy through readings, discussion, and workshopping, using prompt-based writing exercises with the ecstatic experience as inspiration—and discuss the process along the way.
384051 – Starts February 8 – Remote Instruction


Narrative Podcast Trailer and Audience Development with Kristin Lepore
If you’re looking to develop a narrative nonfiction or documentary podcast, this course will help establish your voice and demonstrate that tone in a trailer and pitch deck to sway networks, advertisers, and listeners.
384301 – Starts January 12 – Online

How To Have a Writing Career with Nancy Nigrosh
Isn’t that what we’re all after? Learn the professional skills you need to survive in an industry where your creative skills and vision are as important as your ability to navigate the business.
Reg# 383010 – Starts January 13 – Remote Instruction

Formatting Your Script Like a Pro with Karl Iglesias
Learn proper scene headings, action lines, characters, dialogue, parentheticals and transitions, and why these are industry standards. Also, learn how to spot formatting red flags that prejudge your script as amateurish, and explore advanced techniques that help you direct on the page.
384083 – Starts February 6 – 4 weeks – Remote Instruction

As we continue to expand our offerings in numerous writing and writing-related fields, we encourage students and alumni to let us know what kinds of classes, events, and more they would like to see. We’re a small but dedicated team, and always do our utmost to keep the Writers’ Program evolving and thriving. You can always send us questions, comments, ideas, concerns, and thank yous to writers@uclaextension.edu.

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