Former screenwriting and Entertainment Studies student Zac Hersh has branched beyond writing to starting his own production company, producing his own films. His newest, Follower, is available on streaming.

Zac (R) and James (L)

Of his experience at UCLA Extension, Zac says, “The two main skill sets that have helped me achieve success in the industry are screenwriting and producing, both of which I took phenomenal courses for through the extension program. I owe my foundational understanding of screenwriting to three excellent writing teachers who I felt went above and beyond, Ben van der Veen (Screenplay I), Donald H. Hewitt First (Screenplay II), and Michael Barlow (Screenplay IV). I was also extremely fortunate to have taken Richard Kiratsoulis’s Entertainment Financing class. He instilled years of first-hand experience through his course, all of which is worth its weight in gold. Not only did his wisdom play a massive role in the successes I have been experiencing, but he helped me get my first job in the industry at Film Bridge, where I was able to learn a tremendous amount under some of the best in the business.”

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