Summer is often a time for rest and rejuvenation. However, UCLA Extension offers classes year-round to help you improve skills, craft, and achieve personal and professional goals. Our new classes for Summer include a lot of one-day seminars and shorter term virtual classes across all types of writing. If you’re new to writing, looking to improve an aspect of your craft, or just don’t have the time to commit to a full course, many of these options will be perfect for you.

We continue to offer the majority of our classes in an online format, with limited in-person options, and all the below classes are offered online. However, if you’re looking for something fun, in person, and FREE: our annual Publication Party will be at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles on June 8th – RSVP now for an evening of readings and socializing with our instructors, staff, and writers from all walks of life.
We look forward to seeing more folks, virtually and in person, soon!

Written Communication

Résumé Writing Basics with Scott Eagan
This three-hour virtual workshop will hone your resume writing skills, help you find ways to tailor your experience to specific jobs, and give insight into how to make your resume stand out. Not our typical workshop class, but vital to all professionals in any field – spread the word!
Reg# 387300 – Remote Classroom – Saturday, July 16, 10am-1pm PT

Editing & Publishing

Freelancing for Editors with Jeanne De Vita
This virtual workshop covers types of freelance opportunities available for editors, explores the skills pathway necessary to build either a developmental or copyediting practice, and provides guidance on client development.
Reg# 387297 – Remote Classroom – Saturday, August 6, 10am-1pm PT

Grammar for Editors with Clifford Brooks
For those who want to become editors, or seek to write for a living, this course provides innovative activities, in-depth discussions, and engaging videos on topics about punctuation, parts of speech, wordiness, parallel structure, slang diction, and more.
Reg# 387270 – Online – Starts June 29

Creative Writing

Creative Café 2.0: Food & Writing with Nancy Spiller
Food can inspire a lifetime supply of evocative literature. In this short, two-weekend workshop, explore current approaches to food, read great food writing, and discover exciting ways to write about food across genres and platforms.
Reg# 387285 – Remote Classroom – Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 1pm PT, Starts July 16

One Story, Six Ways with Marianne Villanueva
Start with a story that you’ve been writing over and over, a story that just isn’t working or you can’t figure out how to tell. A story that, despite everything, you can’t let go of. Believe in that story. This class will help you deconstruct, unpack, and then put it together again, six different ways.
Reg# 387273 – Online – Starts August 3

Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel II with Henry Lien
This continuation of Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel I is already pulling in students eager to continue their stories in this ever-expanding genre. Focus on critical but underemphasized aspects, including plot structure and scenecraft, and plot gridding, while also writing more pages in a supportive environment with fellow genre enthusiasts.
Reg# 386824 – Remote Classroom – Starts June 28

Interview Tips, Tricks, and Techniques with Roberta Wax
For essayists, critics, and many nonfiction writers, a key skill in collaborating to unify your story is interviewing. This virtual intro class will teach techniques to strengthen interview skills, including: how to get an interview; how to build rapport; how to prepare for an interview; why an interview is not just a conversation; how to write your interview, and more.
Reg# 387290 – Remote Classroom – Saturday, July 23, 10am-1pm PT

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