Screenwriting instructor Kevin Kelton recently branched out into fiction writing, writing not one but two novels out now! Kevin says, “Having written for television and film for most of my adult life, it had always been my secret ambition to write a novel. I started one in 2001 but abandoned it for writing projects in TV that paid. Twenty years later, with a bit more free time, I completed and published it! Several months after that I published my second novel (written simultaneously) and now have two long-form pieces of my work of which I’m quite proud. While Super Vows is somewhat dark and cynical (a throwback to my SNL and National Lampoon days), Pas de Deux is a sweet, romantic coming-of-age story for adults… what I call a “coming of middle-age” story. I believe each taps into a unique side of my creativity and personality that I’m thrilled will live on readers’ bookshelves for years to come.”

Regarding his teaching experience in the Writers’ Program he says, “I have been teaching half-hour television comedy writing with UCLA Extension since 2014. But my journey with the extension program began thirty years before that, when I was a UCLA Extension student in two of its Writers’ Program courses (sitcom writing and playwriting). And I took one of its advanced screenwriting classes just a few years back. So I’ve seen the Extension program from both sides. Taking the classes as a young writer was invaluable to my career; teaching them now keeps me creative in a different way as I mentor students to be as successful in the industry as I have been blessed to be. With both perspectives, I highly recommend UCLA Extension Writers’ Program courses to anyone who wants to learn the craft, hone their sills, or experiment with a new genre.”

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