Jonathan Rosen is the author of several Middle Grade books, and has spent the last few years working as a freelance writer and editor. He goes into agenting with a knowledge of what it’s like to be on the author side of the trenches, to help guide writers along on their path to publication. He has a passion for books and wants to help as many people as possible get published. Being of Jewish-Mexican descent, he will always have an eye out for diverse voices, and in particular ones that reflect his background.




Q1: What path led you to becoming a literary agent?

 For a long time, I’ve had the desire to be an agent as well. It really stemmed from a desire to see more books that I liked represented.


Q2: What genre do you get excited about reading/representing and why?

 There are so many genres that I love, but right now, I am actively looking for Cozy mysteries, Romcoms, and funny crime novels.


Q3: What’s your dream submission/manuscript wishlist?

What I wrote above. Cozy Mysteries, funny crime, and Romcoms.


Q4: What’s your decision-making process when taking on new authors?

The work comes first. I have to love the work. After that, I do some research on them, try and make sure there are no red flags. Then, I have to have a Zoom with them to get a sense of their personality and if we can work together. There’s no use in taking someone if I think it’s going to be a chore instead of working together as a team.


Q5: What top three tips would you give to writers who are in the process of submitting to agents?

  •  Double and triple check the work before you submit. Make sure it’s in the best shape that it can be. I actually get submissions where the writer says, the first few pages aren’t the best. So, why are you sending them?
  • Check the agent to see if they even like what you’re sending. I also get submissions where it’s so out of what I want.
  • Do try and personalize it instead of showing it’s a cut and paste job.
Jonathan is one of the agent-judges for our inaugural Writer’s Voice Competition, which will be presented at The Young and The Reckless: Writing for Teens Conference. 

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