Welcome new Writers’ Program instructor Christine Shin! Christine is one of three new instructors teaching Feature Film I (Reg# 387923) this Fall. Christine is teaching in our Remote online format on Thursdays, 7-10pm PT starting September 29. She sat down with us to offer some insight into creative life and her upcoming course.

What sparks your creativity?
My interactions with life, the people I directly and indirectly get to know, and the random things I encounter in the universe inspire me to tell stories.

What do you rely on for those times it’s difficult to find the time, energy, motivation and/or inspiration to write?
I try all sorts of things – take a long walk with my puppy, review my old journals, attend writing workshops, listen to screenwriting podcasts, watch movies, read scripts, etc. The deadlines help too. I also remind myself that I am a writer because I “write,” and my stories will not be told unless I write those pages.

What’s your favorite book and/or movie?
One of my favorite books is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë because her vision and imagination fascinate me. And I still own an old paper copy of Love Story by Erich Segal, though I disagree with the idea that “love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

What’s your favorite quote about writing?
One of my favorite quotes is from Aaron Sorkin – “What your character does reveals who they are. What they say reveals who they see themselves as.”

What excites you most about teaching for the Writers’ Program?
Teaching has allowed me to question things in ways that I had not considered before. Also it’s rewarding to see students push the envelope and develop their own voices. I’m excited about this opportunity to work with writers and guide them as they explore this particular form of writing and tell their stories.

What do you hope your students get from your course(s)?
I would like to encourage and challenge my students to become the best screenwriters they can be. I want each student to leave my course with a clear understanding of fundamental screenwriting, a passion for good storytelling, and confidence in taking the next step in their writing career. I hope this course inspires and empowers them as they continue in their own screenwriting journey.

Thank you to Christine for taking time to share with us. Look for more instructor interviews coming soon!

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