We’re constantly looking ahead in our program given the nature of course planning, but it still comes as a shock when another year’s end approaches. We’ve had another successful year with many, many changes (more on that in our next blog post). As we look to 2023 and beyond, we continued to be excited about the future of writing as a craft, career, and personal endeavor.

We don’t have a lot of new courses for this Winter, focusing on some revisions in current offerings as well as the return of our Writers Studio in person (also with come changes in the courses and style of that event). Additionally, if you or someone you know wants to enhance their craft and professional skills, we’ll continue to have free online seminars each quarter on a variety of topics.

Serial Fiction with Jeanne De Vita
Serialized fiction is not only a method to keep engaged readers returning to an author’s content, but is also a fantastic way for authors to publish profitably with a low-cost barrier to entry. This workshop will teach you the basics and help craft a series synopsis, brand, and at least three episodes to support a pitch to digital publishers.
Reg# 389706 – Online – Starting January 18

Writing Humor for Young Readers with Lin Oliver
Discover what makes you laugh and what kinds of humor you are authentically capable of creating for young readers. This enlivening workshop will help you develop your comic voice and craft stories to give everyone the giggles.
Reg# 389704 – In person (Westwood) – Starting January 17

Poetry of Science with Rosebud Ben-Oni
How can science and technology shape poetry and unfold the poetic self? Examine the possibilities of poetry as a science of “creative reception”— and how this kind of imaginative openness can generate new languages that translates our experiences in the 21st century.
Reg# 389709 – Online – Starting February 15

Final Draft in Production with Joel Levin
A comprehensive training course in how the newest version of Final Draft is used by script coordinators and writers’ assistants in feature film and television show production. Instructions, demonstrations and practical exercises will give the students insight and experience in how the program is used in a professional environment.
Reg# 389609 – Remote Classroom – Starting January 28

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