Although in many parts of the US winter is still very much here, we’re already looking forward to Spring and the renewal of nature and ourselves it can bring. UCLA Extension’s Spring quarter starts the first week of April, with many of our classes starting the week of April 10, and even some starting later in the month and into May. Classes are already seeing great enrollment, so we recommend registering as soon as you’re able to secure a spot in the class you most desire.
Here’s what we have on offer for new courses this term, focusing on form, marginalized communities, personal marketing, and writing program tools.

Traditional Poetic Forms with Rueben Quesada
Poetry is an evolving form that changes as language and interpretation shift over time. However, with many types of writing, it’s highly beneficial to know the traditional styles which led to current forms. This class will help you wrangle and tame meter, rhyme, and other elements of repetition through reading, writing, and discussion, helping you discover and add to your own creative voice.
Reg# 391160 – Remote (online via Zoom) – Starting April 12

Deaf Writers Workshop with Ross Showalter
This workshops designed for d/Deaf writers will create an inclusive, supportive space to explore experiences and learn craft. You’ll workshop your own pieces with the instructor and classmates while also diving into the history and culture of Deaf literature.
Reg# 391161 – Remote (online via Zoom) – Starting April 11

Marketing Your Script with Cody Smart
You have a great script. You’ve poured your heart and soul into it. Now what? This course discusses the different strategies to market your script, and yourself as a writer who people want to work with (yes, screenwriters have to market themselves). From crafting compelling loglines and synopses to the ins and outs of competitions, from networking to pitching, this class will give you the tools needed to take that script from finished to sold.
Reg# 391004 – Online – Starting April 12

The Screenwriter’s Guide to Using Final Draft with Tonya Cannon
A comprehensive training course in how the newest version of Final Draft works as a tool for up and coming as well as established screenwriters. Topics include menu navigation, script terminology, and a thorough review of the features and benefits that the software has to offer.
Reg# 391013 – Remote (online via Zoom) – Starting May 3

We also have several one-day seminars which can be a great way to brush up on some knowledge, get inspired, and/or see what our classes our like with very little risk/time commitment.

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