Join the creative journey guided by the seasoned novelist Robert Eversz in a unique Master Class in Novel Writing at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. Eversz, with a wealth of global experiences, infuses his mentoring approach with an international perspective, emphasizing the importance of diversity in storytelling.

Having come of age as a novelist in the tumultuous environment of Prague in the ’90s, Eversz brings a rich background to his workshops. His teaching delves into the intricate process of refining an advanced manuscript into a polished novel. He highlights the interplay of vibrant characters, strong wants, and conflicts to organically structure the plot. The cultivation of a writer’s voice, a unique identifier, takes precedence.

The immersive nine-month journey of the Master Class blends online synchronous and asynchronous models. This format creates an ideal space for writers to workshop narratives, exchange ideas, and form lasting friendships. Utilizing platforms like Canvas and Zoom, Eversz turns critique sessions into collaborative brainstorming, aiding writers in identifying and solving creative problems.

Beyond the craft, Eversz shares insights into effective self-editing, a skill crucial for reaching a professional level in writing. While emphasizing the study of writing craft, he balances the need for technique with the freedom to write without overthinking during the initial draft.

A distinctive feature of Eversz’s Master Class is the real-world exposure participants receive. Novel excerpts find their way to established agents for review, providing valuable insights into the publishing world. Approximately 10 weeks are dedicated to studying the intricacies of the publishing business, preparing writers to submit their work with a solid understanding of the industry.

Eversz’s extensive background in film brings a cinematic touch to his teaching of novel writing. Drawing parallels between the two mediums, he enriches the narrative experience by incorporating visual and character-based elements. His approach, influenced by early studies in filmmaking, offers writers a unique perspective on storytelling.

Living in diverse cultural environments significantly influences Eversz’s writing and teaching. He emphasizes the unity of writers through similarities rather than divisions. Eversz adopts an inclusive approach, recognizing the varied and individual needs of writers, fostering a workshop founded on the ideal of equity.

As the Spring Course approaches, Eversz expresses anticipation for the camaraderie that develops during the nine-month workshop. Writers become mentors for each other, forming enduring relationships beyond the course. The upcoming course promises not only a comprehensive learning environment but also a platform for long-term relationships to support each writer’s future needs.

In conclusion, Eversz invites aspiring novelists to join the Master Class, emphasizing the focus on manuscripts, the formation of enduring friendships, and the enjoyment of the writing process. The limited class size underscores the exclusivity of the program, encouraging potential participants to apply early for this transformative experience. The Spring course commences April 10, offering a unique opportunity to explore and enhance your novel writing skills with Robert Eversz.

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