Adam McOmber

Instructor Biography:

MFA, author of My House Gathers Desires: Stories, The White Forest: A Novel, and This New & Poisonous Air. His stories have appeared in Conjunctions, Kenyon Review, and Fairy Tale Review.

Instructor Statement:

My teaching is rooted in the memory of what it was to be a student. I try my best to honor my own excellent teachers by creating a class I would have been excited to take part in.  I believe that good writing is, at its source, an experiment. And I have great respect for the diverse experiments that students bring to my classroom.  In workshop, we approach each piece of writing with a sense of passion and discovery.  I put a high value on the continuity that workshop discussions offer, the feeling that we as members of the workshop become a kind of family.  Meeting each week to talk about craft and creativity is not only an honor, it’s also a great deal of fun.

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