Alison Singh Gee

Instructor Biography: 

MA, nonfiction writer who has written for Marie Claire, InStyle, International Herald Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. Ms. Gee was a staff writer for People magazine and her memoir, Where the Peacocks Sing, was named a National Geographic Traveler Book of the Month.

Instructor Statement:

I’ve been lucky enough to study creative writing and literature with some of the most inspired teachers and artists around. I’ve traveled across the globe—to ancient Chinese villages, post-modern European cities, guarded Hollywood mansions, and most meaningfully, back to my childhood home—searching for the story of my life. I’m passionate about people’s stories so it is my joy to work with writers as they search for their own narratives and figure out how to tell them. As they find the loops between the present, past, and future and make that connection to something greater. Even after almost two decades of writing professionally, I can tell you, it doesn’t get that much easier. In fact, it gets harder, as you fight to find the poetry in your words and thoughts. But I can also tell you that there’s something mystical in the struggle. We all have to stare at the blank page until the blood appears.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Alison is an incredibly warm, knowledgeable, and professional instructor. Her approach is broad and encompassing without feeling overwhelming or superficial. Her grasp of her field is comprehensive and her delivery is impeccable. A fantastic instructor.” — Writers’ Program Student

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