Angela Bole

Instructor Biography:
MS in Book Publishing. Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest book publishing association in the US serving independent publishers and self-published authors.

Instructor Statement:
Since the launch of Amazon’s Kindle in 2007, it’s now possible for almost anyone to join publishing’s rank and file by bypassing traditional publishers in favor of publishing content on their own. I strive to help my students create books that stand out from the (vast!) self-published crowd by connecting quality storytelling to professional production to seamless distribution. I know from experience that self-published authors who understand how and why the traditional publishing industry works the way it does are more successful than those who don’t. For this reason, I spend time explaining the business of publishing, as well as the key elements involved in producing a professional quality book. My approach to teaching is inclusionary; my style is conversational. My job is to ensure you walk away from this course able to produce self-published books that rival any traditionally published book sitting on any bookstore shelf in the country.

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