Annie Gilbertson

Instructor Biography:

Annie Gilbertson is an award-winning journalist, audio producer and host of the serialized investigative podcast Repeat for KPCC, (LA’s public radio station).  Ms. Gilbertson is a frequent contributor to NPR and she is also a consultant on story development and narrative craft for audio and print.

Instructor Statement:

My aim is to foster a spirit of curiosity and community in my classes. Curiosity is the most essential quality of a journalist, whether your goal is to spotlight injustice and hold the powerful accountable or to explore the depths of personal narrative to reveal greater truths about the human condition. Finding great stories often come down to allowing yourself to be drawn in by your own feelings of delight, rage or fascination with the subject material. Let your questions and curiosity lead. It’s when you hit a wall or get into the weeds that your editing community becomes key. Your peer editors will help you focus and bring discipline to your work, providing constructive feedback, help drafting a focusing question, brainstorming characters and scenes and challenging your thinking.

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