Brittany Ackerman

Instructor Bio:

MFA, author of the memoir The Perpetual Motion Machine, and the novel The Brittanys. Mrs. Ackerman’s publications include Entropy, No Tokens, Hobart, Electric Lit, Lit Hub, Cosmonauts Ave, and more. Her nominations and awards include Best American Short Stories nominee, Pushcart Prize nominee, American Book Fest Book Awards Finalist for Autobiography, and Red Hen Press Nonfiction Award Winner.

Instructor Statement:

Our perception of reality is constantly changing as we are continuously learning and growing from our experiences. In this way, my pedagogy is that of always striving for creativity, ingenuity, and innovation in academia. My classes act as an open forum for discussion where students can develop and express individual perspectives, voices and styles. My goal as an instructor is to help guide writers on their journey of crafting essays, short stories, and other types of manuscripts so that students are proud of their work.

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