Brittany Winner

Instructor Bio:

Brittany and Brianna Winner (AKA The Winner Twins), science fiction writers best known for their award-winning The Strand Series. The Winner Twins are contributing writers for Penguin’s educational publication“Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Speculative Genre Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers.” They have received three Pinnacle Awards for excellence in teaching from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration, and have been presenters at Comic Con since 2009.

Instructor Statement: 

A blank page is like a mirror: it will show you who you really are as you create people and worlds far different than our own. Yet creative writing is often sporadic, with seemingly never-ending dry spells between flashes of sudden inspiration. We want to help you harness and manage your creativity so there is a constant flow of inspiration you can draw upon to easily structure complex characters and storylines, and to ward off writer’s block once and for all. We’ll share what helped make us national bestselling authors by age 12, and what helped cement our current success at age 21. As dyslexics, we know the obstacles everyone faces can be overcome to make our story telling richer. We love nothing more than showing others how to bring their stories to life.

Instructor Website: Click here to leave our website and go to the Winner Twins website.

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