Christopher Rhodes

Instructor Biography:

Literary agent with The Stuart Agency in New York, specializing in well-crafted debut fiction and platform driven nonfiction. Prior to joining The Stuart Agency, Mr. Rhodes was an agent at The James Fitzgerald Agency, and before that, he worked at The Carol Mann Agency and in the sales and marketing departments at Simon and Schuster.


Instructor Statement:

Agents are the luckiest people in book publishing. We get to be involved with the process almost every step of the way. In his book The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell identifies 3 types of people: Salespeople, Market Mavens, and Connectors. Being an agent is being a connector between people, often from wildly divergent backgrounds with a wide range of personalities, goals, and responsibilities. Agents pride themselves on on their excellent collaboration and problem-solving abilities. Everyday is a new challenge and often times an agent must break uncomfortable news to clients or discuss confidential matters of money or intellectual property with second or third parties. In all matters, agents must possess the qualities of forthrightness, intelligence, and savvy. And when all these qualities come together with the perfect project, the magic of books occurs.

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