Claudia Grazioso

Instructor Biography:

MFA, screenwriter and WGA member whose credits include Are We There Yet?, starring Ice Cube and Nia Long, Bring It On Again, and Christmas Bounty. Ms. Grazioso has written several pilots for ABC, Sony, Fox, HBO, Lifetime, and CBS, and television movies for ABC Family.

Instructor Statement:

One thing that I can say about writing is it’s important to learn what works for you. Writers all have different approaches. They work by the clock (“I must work for eight hours”) the page count (“I must do at least ten pages”) or the result (“I will write two perfect pages”). They write with music or in silence; they pace, they sit still; they nap, they gulp coffee. My class will focus on basic screenplay structure, but more importantly, aside from creating the time and space for writers to actually write, I hope people in my class discover their own process and learn how to stay focused, stay interested in their story and characters and keep their work moving forward.

Our Students Say it Best!

Awesome = Claudia. The class was amazing. Each student was great. Claudia was one of the best teachers I ever had at Extension. She is helpful, extremely nice, and has a huge knowledge of the field. Claudia Grazioso RULES!” —Writers’ Program student

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