Colin Costello

Instructor Bio:

Screenwriter, director and WGA-East member, whose credits include The Stream starring Rainn Wilson and Alternate Universe. Mr. Costello TV credits include Lost n’ Found and Detectives Club. He has also written and directed award-winning shorts including The After Party and Dreamwisher.

Instructor Statement:

I view my role as a screenwriting instructor in a variety of ways. One, is to help you discover that storyteller within yourself and no matter what the tale is, help you craft your voice so that others may also become inspired. While a screenplay is all words, filmmaking is a visual medium. So, I want to help you become as succinct and impactful as you can with the words you choose to paint a picture. Let’s keep your reader just as engaged at the midpoint as they were at the first act break. Also, as a commercial writer, I want to help you create a bold spec screenplay that becomes your calling card to managers, agents and producers.

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