Danny Tolli

Instructor Biography: 

TV writer/producer most recently on Shonda Rhimes’ The Catch. Mr. Tolli’s credits include the Stalker (CBS) and The Ropes, a digital series created by Vin Diesel. He is also a National Hispanic Media Coalition Writing Fellow and is currently chair of the WGA’s Latino Writers Committee.

Instructor Statement:

Everyone has a story to tell. A good one begins with a yearning to say something that incites, provokes, enriches, and entertains. But how do you move past that daunting first page? As an instructor, I’ll give you the tools necessary to construct a good story from beginning to end while staying true to your voice and vision. Teaching you the methods learned from the showrunners I’ve had the pleasure of working with, I’ll teach you how to integrate these skills and techniques into your processes as well.

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