David Groff

Instructor Biography:

MFA, poet, writer, independent book editor, literary scout, and teacher. Mr. Groff has worked with New York Times bestselling authors Homer Hickam, Gregory Maguire, and Christopher Rice, and his clients have been published by Basic Books, Farrar Straus, HarperCollins, Morrow, Penguin Press, St. Martin’s, and  Simon & Schuster.

Instructor Statement:

My work as editor, writer, and teacher is united by one goal: to engender resonant words. As an editor working in concert with writers, my mission is to help them evolve into successful book authors who create the best and most resonant manuscripts possible, keeping in mind the needs of agents, publishers, and readers while ensuring that their books grow ever more authentic, professional, and original. With my decades of experience in the mainstream book publishing world as well as in the small press realm and in new and emerging formats and venues, I help my writers connect with their readers in every way they can.

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