Deborah Dean Davis

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter and WGA member whose credits include Daddy Boot Camp, And Then He Kissed Me, It Takes Two, Little Rascals II, and Scorpio Rising. Ms. Davis’ film Keeping House is currently in development with Original Films and Sony Pictures and her film Daily Special is one of five films being funded by a consortium of women directors from the DGA.

 Instructor Statement:

Deep down, all artists care deeply about originality, message, and leaving their mark, but if you scratch the surface of beginning screenwriters’ thin skins, all they really want to know is, “How do I get started?” There is great value in talking about the questions that echo in our minds and hearts a thousand times a day. Let’s make a plan and, most of all, let’s get started. There are rules. There are tricks. There are steps. There is hope. Storytelling, like life, is proactive. Your 110-page script could be like a tree falling in a forest—if that’s what you, as a person, are content to remain. Writing is an art form. Breaking into the business and staying “in” is also an art form. Living the life of a screenwriter can be genuinely magnificent. Come on in, the water’s warm!

Our Students Say it Best!

Deborah Dean Davis is fantastic. She was able to convey difficult and emotionally charged concepts about the business of screenwriting effectively and humorously, and her knowledge and experience made the course very, very worthwhile.” —Writers’ Program student

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